About Vida Fiesta

The Concept

Vida Fiesta is a tourism and lifestyle events platform. The objective is to tell a story of heritage and history of the North Region of KwaZulu Natal. This we achieve through tourism packages that have been put together for ease of communicating our natural resources, wide biodiversity offering and lifestyle experiences.

The Purpose

Hosting this Summer Season is to create an umbrella event with a variety of activities taking place and catering for audiences across the demographic spectrum, while contributing to the melting pot of events happening across the country. We are giving YOU a reason to come back and also share your experiences with other potential visitors. Vida Fiesta is able to promote tourism programs necessary to bring attention and networking to areas and local businesses that you may never stumble upon. We will highlight everything there is to see in our area.

We have developed a bookings program as an easy way for YOU to identify which Vida Fiesta events you want to commit to, and make it easy for you to do it immediately.
By giving you easy to use platform accessible from your own devices.

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